TYPO3 Security Bulletins

After more than 50 releases, it is time to plan the next big step for Frontend Editing in TYPO3. A lot has happened, both in TYPO3 and in other CMSs. What will version 2.0 look like?
TYPO3 has officially joined PHP-FIG as a member project, represented by TYPO3 Project Lead Benni Mack.
A learning opportunity for the global web development community is about to start. The first six TYPO3 students come from countries in Latin America and Africa.

TYPO3 Joins CMS Experts Group

10 August 2020, 6:39 pm

For an open source community-driven project like our CMS, it is important to network and exchange ideas with the industry at large. That’s why the TYPO3 Association is joining CMS analysts, experts, and other vendors in Boye & Co’s CMS Experts Group.
Making TYPO3 accessible is a mission to make the web a little bit better! You can help us with your development and UI/UX skills, accessibility know-how or your documentation or testing experience. The Accessibility Sprint will be an open remote sprint and everyone is welcome to join!
The versions 10.4.6 and 9.5.20 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
A lot of things have happened since May 2020, we have made progress on UX concepts, on content block creation, and on rendering strategies. Here is some important information about our latest achievements.
This is a report from The typo3.org Website Team that looks after the typo3.org website and central subdomains, such as the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). Our new “Remote Days” make participation even easier than before.
The version 10.4.5 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System has just been released.
Time flies! The release of TYPO3 v10 is already one month ago and the adoption rate is awesome which can be measured by over 400 compatible extensions!
April was marked by the long awaited release of TYPO3 v10 LTS. The feedback of the community so far is overwhelming and we have a rock stable new LTS version with already more than 300 compatible extensions!
We’re asking for your help to find the right audience for two TYPO3 Market Research surveys. Help us reach sales professionals and decision makers to understand how people chose TYPO3. In a few minutes, you can make a big difference!
TYPO3 v10 came out only two months ago, and wow—how time flies! We wanted to celebrate the contributors in the community, who helped get the word out about TYPO3 by writing blog posts and sharing the news. We knew you’d like to help boost TYPO3’s signal and loved your contributions. If we missed any contributions, please post them in the comments section.
Check out the roles and responsibilities for the members of the TYPO3 Association Board in 2020.
Tymoteusz Motylewski is a TYPO3 mentor. “It is very satisfying,” he says, and tells me the story of how he started out on the other side; being mentored by others in the TYPO3 community.
For the first time, on 26 and 27 May 2020, an entirely digital marketing sprint has been held. Due to continuing travel restrictions in Europe, the international gathering of TYPO3 enthusiasts met online to strategically advance the TYPO3 project from the perspective of the sales sector, PR experts, and content creators.
The versions 10.4.4 and 9.5.19 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
You might be wondering just who is writing the TYPO3 Guidebook and how the project is coming along. I sat down to interview my colleague Felicity Brand, the TYPO3 Guidebook main author, about her experience, what she’s working on right now, and what’s next on the horizon for the book. If you’d like to keep in touch, subscribe to the TYPO3 Guidebook mailing list and we’ll have some more news for you soon!
We are looking for reviews from TYPO3 users to share their experiences with our beloved CMS. This to improve our visibility and help peers who are looking for a reliable, secure, fast, and flexible content management system. 
As promised in our last article, here’s our latest update from the TYPO3 Structured Content Initiative. Today we’re sharing results from our Survey of TYPO3 Editors.
The versions 10.4.3 and 9.5.18 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
The TYPO3 Association Board met online Monday and Tuesday 20–21 April, 2020. The topics included preparing the General Assembly, visions for the TYPO3 Company and Supervisory Board elections, as well as reviewing the budget, member management, ongoing projects, and disaster recovery plans.
The versions 10.4.2 and 9.5.17 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
SkillDisplay announces ready-to-use curriculum to help students learn about content management.
TYPO3 v10 LTS receives a plannable release schedule for upcoming maintenance releases, as we did since TYPO3 v7 already. This makes it transparent for everybody in the TYPO3 Community to know when to expect a next bugfix and maintenance release.
The versions 10.4.1 and 9.5.16 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
Spread the news in your language: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. All thanks to TYPO3 community contribution.
Today we are thrilled to announce the release of TYPO3 v10.4, also called TYPO3 v10 LTS indicating this is a long-term support version. This version is our new flagship and is, without doubt, one of the most advanced PHP-based open-source content management systems on the market.
March was marked by the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless the work on TYPO3 v10 LTS continued and some of the planned events took place online.