TYPO3 Security Bulletins

My TYPO3, the central gateway for communication, education, products, services, and interaction within the TYPO3 Community, has a new feature. You can now subscribe easily to a TYPO3 Association Membership, cancel it, and even transfer it from a personal profile to an organization profile.
A lot of things have happened since our last update in July 2020. We’ve made progress on UX concepts, on content blocks creation, and on rendering strategies. Here is some important information about our latest achievements.
The TYPO3 Extension Repository now includes the status of translations for extensions drawn from Crowdin. This is an exciting development because TYPO3 is an international community. Previously, it was difficult to find out the status of translation for particular extensions, and now it is publicly available for all users to see.

A First Glimpse of TYPO3 v11

20 November 2020, 7:26 am

TYPO3 v11 System Requirements and Release Dates.
As you may already know, the Board launched a process to generate ideas for the 2021 Budget. We have received so many great ideas that we’d like you to help us select from them.
The versions 10.4.10 and 9.5.23 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.
The first remote accessibility sprint took place from 21st to 23rd of October 2020 and it was successful indeed. During these three productive days we focused on knowledge sharing, addressing open issues, and creating a practical checklist for developers. An accessible TYPO3 improves the experience of every user of TYPO3
Just before the Developer Days 2019, a small group was formed to look into setting up a formal body to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in the community—so-called ombudspersons. Now, we’re asking for your input.
Keeping up with changes is challenging at the best of times. There are some good tools to help keep track of changes, but they still require tedious manual labor. What if you had a tool that would not only keep you but also your codebase up to date? That’s where Rector comes in! There are 69 fixed rules so far, and you can help us add more.
After one meeting in person early this year, all our subsequent sprints were forced into remote calls due to the ongoing pandemic. Nevertheless, we’ve used the sprint dates we had already agreed upon to tackle our duties from home.
Meet BabesGotBytes, an organization based in South Africa that provides tech education to young girls in rural townships. TYPO3 Association is sponsoring its mission with hardware and financial aid.

TYPO3 Deprecation Policy

30 October 2020, 7:00 am

TYPO3 has a reputation for being an exceptionally stable, robust, and reliable enterprise content management system. We achieve this by following a strict deprecation policy and backwards-compatibility promise. This article provides an insight into this topic for integrators and developers. I also explain when and why a TYPO3 upgrade is a no-brainer.

Board Report—September 2020

28 October 2020, 7:00 am

The TYPO3 Association met online on the 21–22 September for this year’s third virtual retreat. The entire board was present and worked together to review the year and look ahead to 2021.
The Board is asking our community for budget ideas for 2021. For the coming year we would like to focus our budget on the topics accessibility and user experience in our “Innovation, Events and Education Pool”. We reserved €310,000 for this pool.

Due to the success of our TYPO3 Company we are also able to increase the Core Development Budget from €350,000 to €500,000 in 2021!

We’re delighted to announce this book is now available for pre-order. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go directly back into The TYPO3 Association.
In our most recent marketing sprint, we opened up the discussion to think more broadly about what we want to achieve with the marketing team, what is in scope, and what the roadmap for 2021 will look like.
Here’s what sixteen salespeople told us about selling TYPO3, and what we’re doing to make their jobs easier so TYPO3 stays competitive. The results of this survey validate work already underway to improve the editor experience and communications.
T3versions.com is a free online service that uses various fingerprinting technologies to identify whether a website is running TYPO3 and, if so, which major version it’s using. We collect data by performing mass scans of domain lists and by compiling user inputs to our website.

TYPO3 v10 Certification Syllabuses

30 September 2020, 8:00 am

Exciting news from the TYPO3 Education Committee: the updated syllabuses for all four TYPO3 certifications are out now. Integrators, developers, consultants, and editors can now use these documents to prepare for the upcoming TYPO3 v10 exams, which will become effective in 2021.
Workspaces is one of TYPO3’s Unique Selling Points, but it is underused and has lacked the necessary developer manpower. Now, you can change this—by using Workspaces and supporting our efforts for TYPO3 v11.
The versions 10.4.9 and 9.5.22 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.

TYPO3 Guidebook Update September 2020

29 September 2020, 6:00 am

In this article we explain the philosophy behind the hands-on guides in the TYPO3 Guidebook and along with an exciting progress update.

Postcards from TechSummer 2020

28 September 2020, 4:24 pm

Here’s a round-up of impressions from attendees of TechSummer 2020.
After more than 50 releases, it is time to plan the next big step for Frontend Editing in TYPO3. A lot has happened, both in TYPO3 and in other CMSs. What will version 2.0 look like?
TYPO3 has officially joined PHP-FIG as a member project, represented by TYPO3 Project Lead Benni Mack.
A learning opportunity for the global web development community is about to start. The first six TYPO3 students come from countries in Latin America and Africa.

TYPO3 Joins CMS Experts Group

10 August 2020, 6:39 pm

For an open source community-driven project like our CMS, it is important to network and exchange ideas with the industry at large. That’s why the TYPO3 Association is joining CMS analysts, experts, and other vendors in Boye & Co’s CMS Experts Group.
Making TYPO3 accessible is a mission to make the web a little bit better! You can help us with your development and UI/UX skills, accessibility know-how or your documentation or testing experience. The Accessibility Sprint will be an open remote sprint and everyone is welcome to join!
The versions 10.4.6 and 9.5.20 of the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System have just been released.